We specialize in officiating at civic, contemporary, and traditional wedding services.


We know that on your very special day, you want a memorable, stress-free wedding that youíll remember fondly for a lifetime.


Our aim is to serve you, and support, in creating a ceremony that you, your family, and friends will talk about in the years to come.† Itís your wedding, your way,† at a location of your choice.


We will work together to design a ceremony that is simple, elegant, and personalized, one that reflects your personal values and spirituality.† Of course, you may craft your own vows and include others in the ceremony, including children.† You may choose to include elements of your own culture or religious background into the ceremony.


We are non-denominational, accepting of all faiths and traditions.† One of our core beliefs is freedom of choice.† We are equally supportive of those who have no faith allegiance.


We hope to share our many resources and ideas with you to make your wedding day one youíll treasure forever.


We will perform your wedding ceremony at your home, cottage, garden, hall, park, restaurant, hotel, or other venue of your choice, indoors or outdoors, whichever may be more meaningful for you.


Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, and capture the celebration of your love which has brought you to this memorable moment in your lives.


Whether you want a traditional or contemporary ceremony, we are there to make your day a truly wonderful experience.† Your wedding will be unique, personalized, and to your complete satisfaction.†

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