Do you ever wonder what the opposite sex is all about?  Why do they do the things they do?


Join us for an evening of exploring and understanding.  You’ll learn how to communicate so that you can be heard, as well as learn how to hear what the other is really saying.


“Understanding Others” is fun, enlightening, and educational, and is sure to bring new awarenesses and deeper understandings that will enhance and enrich your life.


You’ll learn how we misinterpret each other, what we assume and perceive about the other person, as well as obstacles to effective communication and how to resolve them. 


Deborah Filler was personally trained by Dr. John Gray, relationship expert and author of bestselling series Men are From Mars, Women are From VenusMen are From Mars, Women are from Venus.  


The Curriculum


Class 1: Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women (lecture and practicum)

Class 2: Scoring Points With The Opposite Sex (video and practicum)

Class 3: How the Past Affects Relationships

Class 4: Understanding Anger and Finding Balance


This class will provide fun gatherings, lively exchanges, and offer insights and awarenesses into how the opposite sex thinks.  Course materials are included.


Two hour classes: four classes total

Text Box: Understanding Others