Individual spiritual coaching and counseling will help you discover the real and authentic you.  It will help you to give up and let go of the hurtful and traumatic events in the past and allow you to live peacefully in the Now.


By learning to understand the gifts that all adversities bring, you’ll be more empowered to better use your life force energy.  Spiritual coaching will assist you to find and use the gifts and talents you were given before birth.



Peace of mind

Greater Happiness

Spiritual Growth

Stress reduction

Increased energy

Better memory retention



Spiritual coaching is an internal process that helps bridge the gap between the visible and the invisible (the inner and outer worlds) offering participants the opportunity to explore deeper aspects of their being.


“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


Spiritual coaching supports you in bringing clarity and deepening your awareness.


Spiritual coaching creates an ongoing relationship with Deborah.  Her focus is on supporting you in going deeper into yourself and overcoming obstacles that keep you from living the life you desire.


With Deborah as your coach, you will move deeper and faster, and will overcome issues that take some people years to resolve on their own.

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