Text Box: Relationship Coaching

Have you longed to meet the perfect partner, lover, friend?  Ah….to manifest the perfect relationship!


At the Creative Awareness Centre, we focus on becoming the right partner, as like attracts like.  When we completely love ourselves, we are then able to give, as you cannot give what you don’t have for yourself.


Deborah Filler was personally trained by Dr. John Gray, relationship expert and author of the reknowned, bestselling series Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.  In this series of four, two-hour weekly sessions, we explore a variety of topics relevant to your challenges and goals.


Issues explored include:

· Emotional Needs

· Stages of a Relationship

· Healing the Past

· Honouring Each Other

· Affairs

· Love Tanks


You’ll be given tools and skills to enhance your relationship, a new vocabulary to help understand each other better, and heal issues that have stood in the way of your happiness while rekindling passion and keeping the romance alive.