Progression and regression therapy are dynamic and vital therapeutic modalities, embracing many traditional, and non traditional disciplines, which assists the user to see beyond the moment in more wide array of potentials, and possibilities. That gives the client the opportunity to make more informed choices, to achieve the best outcome for themselves.


The point of progression or regression therapy is not whether you believe in re-incarnation or not. The purpose of these therapies is to provide you the opportunity to picture, imagine and feel how today’s choices affect your tomorrows. The future is a by-product of today’s thoughts. We can create more empowering tomorrows with greater awareness of today’s thoughts.


There are many possible explanations put forth as to what past life experiences may be, and you are free to choose whatever theory feels comfortable with your beliefs.  Regardless of your beliefs or spiritual viewpoint, you’ll understand yourself better, as Regression Therapy has profound benefits.


Our Beliefs


Reincarnation: the belief that we return to this world many times in order to experience and evolve.  I personally believe that this is the only concept that can explain all of the experiences.


Genetic MemoryA theory that suggests that memories are passed on from one generation to the next through cellular structures or DNA.  However, this perspective cannot explain why most people regress back to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


Fantasy: Are we making it all up?  This question does come up.  Yet, there are many documented cases which prove great accuracy of information far beyond the chance of random imagination.


Soul Memorythe idea that people can access the memory of another soul through “Akashic” records – the spiritual record of everything that has ever happened.  This can be quite acceptable to some, but it doesn’t account for the continuity of character traits which seem to pass from one life to another.


Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, past-life regression can work for everyone, so the important thing is to accept it and enjoy the benefits that such awareness brings.


Preparation beforehand:


Wear comfortable clothing

Have a light bite to each prior

No caffeine or any stimulants for at least two hours prior to the session. 

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