Akasha’s Den is a retreat away from the everyday stresses of life.  Located in downtown Oakville, Akasha’s Den is a store that people find soothing.  Many customers point out that as you walk through the door you are met with instant “calm”. Owners Mary and Alex say their “New Age” store features a Mecca of items that inspire tranquility, healing and harmony for the home, mind, body and spirit.

Providing professional and personalized planning services in Southern Ontario

Without A Hitch Wedding Consultants

Without a Hitch Wedding ConsultantsYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  Do you really want to remember it as a big hassle?  A wedding consultant understands the stress and difficulties associated with planning your wedding.  We only assist where you feel you need it, and support your decisions to make sure your wedding day is wonderful.  We are available to assist with all aspects of your wedding, from just being there to keep everything (and everyone) on time, to helping  you to plan everything you will need for your wedding day!

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