More and more people are seeking to develop their intuitionIt is a skill that all of us are born with and can develop and enhance. As with any ability, some of us are naturally-talented, while others require discipline, dedication, determination, and practice. 


Deborah says:


Many people enter a course of study not realizing their own potential. They are drawn into intuitive development classes because they are intrigued with the possibilities, having experienced some intuitive flashes, or desirious of finding self-confidence and guidance.


In the time I have been teaching intuitive development, I am always amazed and delighted when students begin to experience their own internal intuition.  Enabling students to actually demonstrate a variety of intuitive abilities in classes with instruction and encouragement helps to build personal confidence and spiritual development.   Intuitive awareness  requires a safe environment and the opportunity to be validated and confirmed by others, thus encouraging us to continue to build this innate skill. We learn to believe in our own selves.  As we learn to trust our intuition, it builds self-confidence. 


Intuitive development classes meet bi-weekly to assist those on a path of self discovery, learning to go within and access their own innate wisdom and guidance. A combination of lecture and practicum will assist participants to building their own trust of their guidance system. You will learn to give messages, as well as receive messages from others.

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