By changing our thoughts, we then change our lives


Hypnotherapy is safe and gentle, yet powerful.  It can cleanse your mind of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.  It can assist you in quieting the mind of chatter and confusion.  It can put you in touch with inner resources, making them more readily available to the user.  It has been proven to be effective in reducing stress, strain, and anxiety, while at the same time boosting the immune system and increasing energy.  It will aid in producing physiological changes that will accelerate healing, growth, and awareness.  Hypnotherapy will help you get in touch with your body, and boost your self-esteem and confidence. 


Though the power of our minds, thoughts, and actions, we create our reality, either consciously or unconsciously.  If you believe you have more inside than your current reality is showing, the use of hypnotherapy will help bring you into alignment with your wishes and desires.


By making small shifts, the user can expect huge differences, as you claim the innate power within which free you of lack, limitation, and loneliness.  Allowing you to gain greater insight and awarenesses, in your every day world.


“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”

- Henry Ford


Hypnotherapy can aid in bringing more of what you want into your life, while assisting you to let go of what you don’t want, and ultimately bringing great fulfillment, joy, happiness, as you understand more about yourself, you are then empowered to create the life you always wanted. 


Dispelling Myths


Deborah Says:


There is no surrender of one’s will or mind in hypnosis.  In fact, the more intelligent and aware a client is, the better subjects they make. Hypnosis is really more about focused concentration, as all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. You can allow it to help you in any way you choose.  I merely facilitate, you allow the experience by focused concentration, and ultilizing the unlimited external unused resources within.


How Does It Work?


There is neither magic nor voodoo to it.  Hypnosis is a natural state, in fact, it is likely that you have already been in hypnotic trance at some point in your life, but have called it a different name, be it daydreaming, “zoning out”, etc.. It is in this state of consciousness that we focus on the issue or challenge that needs to be cleansed.


Our subconscious minds are like the hard disc drive in a computer.  As young children, we have learned by those of influence, be it genetically, socially, religiously, or experientially, plus all of the daily challenges that childhood brings. Everything we hear, see, feel, smell, touch, or taste is filed away.  Our values and beliefs are usually learned in childhood, which explains why, if we looked at family we usually have the same coping mechanisms, habits, and tastes.


Becoming consciously awareness in essence means to revisit these areas to see what is working for us, and what is not.  Then, we reprogramme what is not working into more empowering thoughts, beliefs, and actions that will support us in becoming who we choose to be. 


By using motivation and leverage, we have the ability to override these limiting beliefs and values to transform and transmute them, thereby allowing us to implement ones that will support us on the journey of life.



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