“God is at home.  It is we who have gone for a walk.”

                                                                 - Meister Eckhart


Eventually, we all go home. 


Our funeral services are centered around bringing together family and friends to commemorate and celebrate, and to say goodbye.  Grief is only natural, as is the need to remember the good times and pleasant occasions.  The funeral is as much a testament to the journey of one soul as it is to that journey’s end.


As we move towards a greater spiritual awareness, we begin to shift our emphasis away from the loss towards what remains: the relationships that remain strong and those that need attention; the goals and dreams that we too often put off for too long.  These are the perspectives that we can gain during times and ceremonies such as this.  It is the recognition, through the closure and ritual of the funeral, of life.


We can help the bereaved family begin the process of facing their loved one’s passing by assisting with the practical details, to say goodbye in a meaningful way, and to connect with others who share the grief and the love.  By working with respect and in spirit, we can help you find your perspective on life, its meaning, and the soul’s true nature and purpose, both for the one who has passed, and those left behind to remember them.

Text Box: Funerals: Celebrating a Life