Understanding Yourself”


Coming together in community up-lifts the soul, and allows personal awakenings to happen within a safe, warm and welcoming environment. 


Monday evenings, we share our personal stories, experiences, and teach by example from our own inner well of knowledge.  Each week, there is a different theme presented with an interactive segment.


Discussions about past lives, future lives and possibilities, abundance, and creation, are brought to the table to manifest.  Here, you may satisfy your personal desire to learn more about yourself, and how you can be dedicated and committed to your soul’s purpose.


Creating change from the inside out!


Our Destiny by Design series is based upon the universal laws and principles that every person is born with.  We all possess innate wisdom, knowledge, talent and gifts.  A soul comes into the incarnate with a purpose to grow in awareness.  During these sessions, we come to know these aspects, reap the benefits from them, and them act upon them.  We bring about personal transformation from the inside-out and create a platform to work from that supports and sustains these intentions.



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