A special Welcome Message from

Deborah Filler:

“Let’s     Gather...Grow...Laugh...Learn.”

Deborah Filler is the visionary behind the Creative Awareness Center, a place where individuals gather, grow, laugh, and learn about themselves and each other.


Deborah is a pioneer in developing human potential: that is, developing the full physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential of each human being from the inside-out


Success Begins Within


What We Do, and Why


Deborah assists clients to reprogram their limited beliefs and negative thoughts into more empowering ones.  They learn what their existing values are and their origins, learn to change them to suit their vision of Who They Wish To Be, and learn to live congruently with their new values. This process increases energy, vitality, and confidence, and helps to change  lives for the better!


With her unique gifts and talents, Deborah assists her clients in making the shifts they choose within themselves for greater alignment, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. These shifts bring about the integrated wholeness of the Body, Mind, and Soul, and balance all three.  Clients are then able to make conscious choices about relationships, career choices, health and well-being, as well as to fully maximize their own potential as human beings in everyday life. 


When a soul achieves balance in all four quadrants of being, stress levels decrease, anxiety fades, and dis-ease vanishes from the body.  The natural benefits from being aware are increased joy, happiness, peace of mind, as well as our immune system become stronger; our minds are clearer; and our hearts are freer.  We achieve harmony when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in alignment with Who We Are.


Greater awareness brings more choices, which ultimately gives you better results. 


Awareness means consciously making choices that are in alignment with the soul.  Living congruently brings us back to our natural state of peace and harmony.


In a dynamic and, at times, humourous way, Deborah speaks to the soul, which helps her clients awaken in the most profound ways.  She believes in the greateness of every individual and that love is the power that transforms.  Deborah sees the individual’s spiritual needs in a unique, practical way, within both traditional and non-traditional paradigms.


“To know thyself... to thine own self be true”

- William Shakespeare


This journey of life was meant to be enjoyed, savoured, and appreciated.  By raising your own consciousness, you are raising the collective consciousness, thus bringing peace on earth, one person at a time.


“If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind.”

             - Plato

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